Have more fun watching live streams in VIBIE PK Fight

Post on October 24, 2023
สนุกกับการดูไลฟ์สดผ่านกล้องมากกว่าที่เคยด้วยการเล่นกิจกรรม PK กับ VIBIE LIVE

For those who enjoy watching live streams through the cameras of various influencers, VJs, or idols, but apart from typing responses or sending stickers to show support to those you admire, you may not have many fun activities to do, which can make you feel bored just sitting and watching live streams.

So, for those who want to find fun activities that you can do while watching live streams from your beloved friends, seniors, juniors, or adorable faces, I recommend downloading the VIBIE LIVE application (you can see how to register and download it here:How to Register and Download VIBIE LIVE).Get to know fun activities like PK (Player vs. Player) and let's see how much fun you can have and how to play them.

What is PK?

The PK activity, which stands for Player Killer, is a competitive event between two live stream rooms through the cameras of VIBIE LIVE users who go live simultaneously and compete using PK points from users in both rooms. Whoever accumulates more points, often by receiving stickers from viewers, wins the competition. Winning a PK event can help influencers on VIBIE LIVE increase their earnings, while users can earn PK points for rewards.

How to fight in Vibie PK?

Once you've downloaded and registered on the VIBIE LIVE app and learned how to use its features and how to find friends on the app, joining the PK activity is quite simple. Here's how to get started:

  1. Go to the main page of the VIBIE LIVE application. After that, click on the "PK" tab to check who is available for PK and who is currently live PK.
  2. You can check the PK ability of a user from their profile picture, and you can also see the scores for both sides. 
  3. If you want to watch a live PK stream through someone's camera, you can click on their profile picture. 
  4. By following these steps, you can easily participate in PK activities on the VIBIE LIVE app and enjoy the live broadcasts with other users.

How to Send PK Sticker?

Let's see how to have fun with the PK activity. When you enter the live room of the PK pair you want to support and want to send stickers to boost a VB's score to compete against the opposite side, you can do it by following these steps: Click on the cheering icon to send stickers. Make sure to send stickers from the PK sticker set; regular stickers won't count towards the PK competition. 

If you're watching a live stream through the camera of VB who is participating in the PK activity and you want to help increase their score, click on the gift icon, then navigate to the C-PK tab to send stickers from the PK sticker set to the VB. When you send stickers from the PK sticker set, the score in the top bar of VB will increase. 

For example, if a user wants to send PK points to help VB bbow increase their score, follow these steps: 1. Click on the gift icon to send stickers. 2. Navigate to the C-PK tab to access the PK sticker set. 3. Each sticker sent corresponds to 1 PK point. For instance, if VB bbow currently has 83 points and you want to send an additional 10 points, you should send the stickers multiple times, like x10 for the "เค้ามาล้าวว" sticker. 4. After you've sent the desired number of stickers, click "Send" to complete the process. This will contribute PK points to VB bbow's score.

After sending the stickers, in the live streaming room, you will see a notification indicating which stickers you sent and how many of them you sent. 

Observe the PK score in VB's live room to see if it increases. For instance, in the example room of VB bbow, if they received 10 points from sending the "เค้ามาล้าวว" sticker x10, their score would increase from 83 points to 93 points, for example.

Once the PK competition is over, the live room will display a summary of the scores. The room with the higher score will be declared the winner, while the room with the lower score will be declared the loser. The duration of the competition typically lasts around 1 hour.

PK Rewards

For users who help send PK Points to support their favorite VB to win the Battle, they will receive PK Points. These PK Points can be used to purchase beautiful profile frames from the in-app store/shop. These profile frames can be used to decorate your profile and make it stand out. 

To use your PK Points to purchase profile frames, you can follow these steps:

1. Go to the Profile section in the app. 2. Then, navigate to the Shop tab. 3. In the Shop, you will find various items available for purchase, including profile frames. 4. Go to the PK Point section in the Shop, and you can select and purchase the desired profile frames using your PK Points.

If you don't want to wait to accumulate PK Points and wish to buy items or send stickers to your friends or participate in various activities like PK and team monster events, you can top up your balance. You can learn how to do this in detail through the app's online top-up guide here. Online Top Up Methods for VIBIE LIVE